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The Big Egg Hunt NYC

Who says that Easter eggs hunts are only for kids? In NYC, the Russian jewelry firm Faberge has launched “The Big Egg Hunt.” There are 283 eggs hidden all of New York City. Each egg is just over two feet tall and decorated by a famous designer such as Bruce Weber, Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger. Each egg is up for auction, and all proceeds from the purchase of the eggs go to the Studio in a School and Elephant Family charities.

The best way to find all of the eggs is to download the official Big Egg Hunt app. It will show you the locations of all 283 eggs. It will also give details about who designed the eggs, who the egg was intended to be found by, and how to “buy” the egg. You can also visit the official website here.

One of the most magical aspects of the Big Egg Hunt is how it draws in an un-expecting audience comprised of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds. I did not learn about the Big Egg Hunt from a news article. I discovered it while walking from Lincoln Center to Columbus Circle. I saw egg #189 designed by Naeem Kahn rising in front of the Trump International Hotel. I decided to go and investigate. As I did this, I discovered several more eggs. I sat down to absorb their creative beauty, and witnessed something spectacular. Children, old ladies, girls out on shopping sprees, and business men between meetings, all diverged from their original paths to investigate the eggs. I even saw a man in suit and tie stop and then call his co-workers in excitement about the eggs! It is so rare to find art on the streets that draws in such a wide variety of people with such excitement. Making the eggs even more special is how the event has incorporated social media into the project. With the official Big Egg Hunt NYC smartphone app, you can scan bar codes and “collect” all of the eggs. You can also take photos, tweet, and share the eggs on facebook. The eggs are getting New Yorkers to talk about art in new innovative ways, all while supporting charities. The designs are delightful, the hunt is fun, the interactive social media adds a special novelty, and it all benefits a good cause. What a wonderful way to celebrate April.

The eggs will be displayed throughout the city until April 18th, when they will be moved and displayed in Rockefeller Center until April 25th. These are some of the eggs the Levy’s have found thus far.

The Big Egg Hunt The Big Egg Hunt The Big Egg HuntThe Big Egg Hunt

The Big Egg Hunt IMG_8273 The Big Egg HuntThe Big Egg HuntIMG_8281 The Big Egg Hunt

IMG_8288 The Big Egg Hunt

The Big Egg Hunt The Big Egg Hunt

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