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Politics! by Gideon Levy

We New Yorkers are a smug bunch. Not only are we smart, sexy, charming, well dressed, hard working, versatile, and in good shape, we’re modest too! This is why, regardless of where a group may be from, we as New York City tour guides treat them with all of the charm and politeness and engagement that any group of tourists truly deserves, letting them know that our city can be, and in most cases truly is a friendly and welcoming town. And then when they leave we go back to thinking we’re the greatest people in the world and everyone else is at best, second banana. [Read more…]

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The Ballad of Eugene Henderson – by Jonah Levy

He was already going full tilt when we entered the train. We were only going two stops, so we weren’t jonesing for a peaceful ride. That’s why, when we found the right space to stand for our rapid transit, we settled right in front of the boisterous man.

He was barking over his shoulder down to the other end of the train. Of course he wasn’t speaking to anyone in particular. But when he turned his head, he saw us; [Read more…]

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We played Freeze Tag on Wall Street!

Saturday, January 9th 2011, 10am-12noon
Corner of Wall and Broad Streets, Financial District

Freezetag on Wall St '07

We hosted a spirited games of Freezetag on Wall Street back in January. Yes, that Freezetag – the one you remember from elementary school. No political reason, no logical rhyme, just sweaty fun in 25 degree weather in Lower Manhattan. We also played Blob tag, Wolf, Rock, Lamb, Red Rover, and other schoolyard games. See you next January on the corner of Wall and Broad streets!

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We hosted The Panorama Challenge!

Friday March 12th 2011, 7-10pm
At the Queens Museum of Art.

In March, we hosted The Panorama Challenge! Over 100 people came to the Queens Museum of Art on Friday, March 12th from 7-10pm and participated in the world’s ONLY geographical trivia-based game night involving the world’s largest panorama – The Panorama of the City of New York! Participants will compete in teams to test their knowledge of New York City geography. Team members will be asked questions ranging from easy to difficulty as game controllers assist by highlighting landmarks, bridges, neighborhoods and other sites with far-reaching laser pointers. Admission is free and there will be beers sold and snacks served.

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We hosted The Great NYC Bridgeathalon!

Sunday May 23rd,2010 11am-1pm
5 East River Bridges by Bicycle.

Jonah expounding on the Pulaski Bridge

Come ride your bicycle across 4 East River Bridges (and 1 East River Creek) in one day! NY’s First Family of Tour Guides will bring you across the Queensboro, Pulaski, Williamsburg, Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges with mini-lectures before crossing each bridge. Celebrate Bike Month NYC and these fine engineering masterpieces by bike.

Meet at the Manhattan side of the Queensboro Bridge Bike Lane, North Path.

Matt, Shane and Steve on the Brooklyn Bridge

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