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Music Maestro: NY’s Musical Heritage

Tour by Foot & Subway
Tour by Chauffeured Escalade
Tour by Chauffeured Sprinter

Learn about NYC's musical history. With visits to Lincoln Center, The Apollo Theater and CBGB's.

New York Music Tour

Our four-hour music tour of New York City by private vehicle focuses on this city’s rich musical heritage. Open your ears and engage your eyes as you listen and learn about New York’s incredible musical heritage. Our New York music history tour kicks off with Frank Sinatra’s anthem New York, New York. As we pass Lincoln Center, enjoy the serenade of Swan Lake and the Nutcracker Suite. At Strawberry Fields in Central Park, we share the importance of the Beatles and John Lennon’s songwriting legacy.

Dig the development of Jazz and Bebop uptown in Harlem with hot numbers by Ella Fitzgerald, John Coltrane and Miles Davis. As we pass by the World Famous Apollo TheaterJames Brown belts over the bus’s loudspeakers. Groove to Salsa and Cha Cha by Tito Puente as we skip past East Harlem. No New York musical conversation is complete without riffs on rap, hip-hop, graffiti culture and break-dancing, while listening to beats by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five.

Farther downtown in Greenwich Village we hear Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell’s Folk anthems. On the Bowery, specifically the former location of CBGBs – where Punk Rock was born, featuring Talking Heads, Blondie, Television and The Ramones. For more detailed New York music tours of NYC’s Punk Rock history, check out our HEY HO! LET’S GO! Punk Rock on the Bowery Pub Crawl tour.

Maybe if you’re lucky, LUNY! guide Megan will dance for your group!

Alternately, we can do the entire New York music tour by foot in three hours, starting with Central Park’s famous Strawberry Fields, before heading downtown:

We start at the oldest and most famous apartment building on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, The Dakota, which became part of rock and roll history When John Lennon and family moved in in 1973 and again tragically when he was shot and killed in front in 1980. John’s legacy lives there forever though, because a short hop across the street and we’re in Strawberry Fields, John’s wonderful memorial where you can Imagine his spirit living on till today.

From there, we go down to the charming, stylish streets of Greenwich Village where inside and around the bucolic Washington Square, nearly half a century of American music was born, from the early bohemian Jazz clubs, to places where  Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Judy Collins and Paul Simon were revolutionizing Folk and Rock music and less than ten years ago, Lady Gaga was getting booed off stage for her wild performance art antics.

From there, it’s down to the East Village where Punk Rock was born on the Bowery! In the 1970s, New York was a city burning with passion for sex, drugs, and a new louder, faster, harsher, drunker version of Rock music called Punk. CBGB’s the club where this music revolution was born is now New York’s most stylish Punk memorabilia shop.

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