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From Graffiti to Galleries: BROOKLYN REPRESENT!

It’s no secret that Brooklyn is where it’s at right now. With young, dynamic DIY Brooklynites creating exciting culture throughout the County of Kings, there’e enough to see and do without crossing the bridge into Manhattan. On our Graffiti to Galleries: BROOKLYN REPRESENT! tour we subway or drive our way around BK and take it all in. You’ll understand the different between tagging, throw-ups, bombing, murals, wheat-pasting and street art on this Brooklyn street and gallery art tour.

From formerly blighted Bushwick – the industrial warehouse area – tremendous graffiti and street art is happening on (and inside) factories each bursting with their own Do It Yourself energy. We’ll visit an artisanal chocolate factory located in a former parking space as well as a half-dozen galleries inside former factories. Alongside Bushwick, we can travel to newly chic but still semi-gritty Williamsburg, to compare and contrast neighborhood transformation; we’ll also stop in a cafe for Brooklyn-roasted coffee. After Williamsburg there’s Red Hook, maritime industry and now the home of Brooklyn Working Artists Coalition; DUMBO for high and mighty galleries, bookstores and design shops; and residential Bed-Stuy with home-built galleries in the second largest African-American neighborhood in the country.

Throughout our Brooklyn art tour we’ll explain how these working class immigrant / industrial areas magnetically attracted new residents who transformed empty warehouse buildings into pulsing communities of art, design and culture. Without a doubt you’ll be able to compare and contrast these artistic communities and understand how NY neighborhoods change and adapt.

Tour length is between 2 – 4 hours.

We can also put together graffiti workshops, working with a street artist to create your very own stencil, wheatpaste or canvas to take home with you. Ask Matt about this once in a lifetime opportunity!