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Boozin’ in Brooklyn – a Spirited Tour!

Boozin in Brooklyn Tour

It’s no secret that Brooklyn has been on the hot spot for a couple of years now. From artisanal cheese to fashionable boutiques, from hand-gathered granola to bespoke cocktail bitters, Brooklyn is whats hot, cool and everything in between. GQ Magazine called Brooklyn “the coolest city on the planet” back in 2011. Many of  Brooklyn’s neighborhoods are now booming with beer breweries and gardens,  wineries and spirits micro-distilleries. From lagers to ales, dubles to tripels; from zinfandels to gewurztraminers, from moonshine whiskeys to “Navy Strength” gin, Brooklyn’s got many ways to learn how hooch is made and even more ways to bottom’s up!

Brooklyn Beer Tour

Matt and two VERY Thirsty Canadian clients
at a new Beer Store in Brooklyn!

Breweries and beer shops available to visit include Breuckelen Bier Works, Gowanus Homebrew and the Brooklyn Brewery – learn how the current craft of Beer Brewers are incorporating education and adventure into their mash bill, not just grains, malts and hops.

For wine enthusiasts , a visit to Brooklyn Winery is at the top of our list – get a step-by-step tour of the vinting process from vineyards to barrels to bottles.  Learn and appreciate what makes a fine wine other than good grapes.

And those interested in distilled spirits have it REALLY good. 5 years ago, Brooklyn had no distilleries. Now we’ve got no fewer than 10!! Hand-crafting vodka, gin, rum, whiskey, rye, bourbon and liqueur. Visit your pick of distilleries and see how the stuff gets made up close. And what kind of whiskey or rum tour would be complete without a tasting!? Each distillery has tastings upon completion of tour.

All these tours have additional costs. Please email Matt, the Levy’s leading boozehound, (while reasonably sober,) to find out more about these tours and to craft the best one for you and your friends and family.