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Manhattan Tours

African-American Heritage: History Before Harlem

Immerse yourself in NY’s African-American Experience on our 3-4 hour African-American Heritage tour. Connect to the liberation of the enslaved people, freed in New York  40 years before the Emancipation Proclamation. Pay your respects or honor your ancestors at the African Burial Ground National Monument, where more than 20,000 enslaved people  and freed men, woman and children  were buried here in the 1700s and forgotten for 200 years. Walk past the courthouses made famous in Law and Order to the former Five Points neighborhood – one of the most notorious slums in America and the former stomping grounds of “The Gangs of New York.” Learn about the vibrant street life of the African-American and working class Irish immigrants.

NY’s African-American Heritage Tour: from the African Burial Ground to Harlem.

Finally, make your way uptown to Harlem, the one-time capital of the African-American community in America and the vibrant stage for the Harlem Renaissance in the 1920s. Literature, theater, art, comedy, politics, music, spirit and soul were all found here during Harlem’s cultural apogee. Go past the world famous Apollo Theater, the Malcolm X Memorial, Hamilton Grange and other Harlem landmarks like the Mosque Number 7, Bill Clinton’s office on W 125th street, and the Malcolm Shabazz African Market.

Let the Levys’ guide you towards the best jazz joints, gospel performances and soul food in Harlem! All these, plus tours of the Apollo Theater can be booked.