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Manhattan Tours

Tasting New York City: Guided Food Tours and Manhattan’s Top Sight-Seeing Attractions

A 3-5 hour coach and walking tour that combines our New York City Highlights tour with an edible ethnic adventure through NY’s most interesting neighborhoods. Tour length varies by what you want to see and how much you want to eat!

Stops for noshing (Yiddish for “snacking”) can include the Lower East Side’s Kossar’s Bialys for a bialy (cousin to the English Muffin) and The Pickle Guys’ dozens of varieties of pickles, sweet peppers, garlic cloves and okra. Chinatown includes fried pork & chive dumplings with sriracha (hot pepper sauce) and sweet Chinese beef jerky. In Little Italy we grab a slice of authentic NY pizza; invented here in 1905! Of course, if Chinese, Italian and Jewish are too same-old, same-old for you, Manhattan has a world of amazing foodstuffs just waiting for your tastebuds! Kalustyan’s in Curry Hill is a cornucopia of South Asian spices, herbs, coffee and teas. Chelsea Market is a collection of upscale shops and boutique bazaars, while the Upper West Side’s Zabars can’t be beat for smoked fish and Fairway‘s cheese selection is second to none.

For large student or group noshing tours, all food costs are pre-purchased. For smaller personal private tours, we pay our way as we eat our way through the city. Prices variable on the length of tour and number of noshes – talk to Mark when booking your student tour or Matt when booking your group or private tour. Or if you’ve eaten your way through Manhattan before, there’s always our Edible Ethnic Brooklyn Eats tour!